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July, 2017

Dear Ontario Residents:
Mr. Christopher Tinkasimire has a long para-legal experience starting from 1992 when he first
appeared before The Ontario Workers Compensation Board Hearings back in the day. There after he
appeared before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and also before The Ontario Small Claims Court
Hearings long before The Para-legal Profession was regulated by The Law Society of Upper Canada. Mr.
Christopher Tinkasimire brings a rich experience to FIRST STOP LEGAL CENTRE.
Furthermore, Mr. Christopher Tinkasimire has appeared before The Superior Court of Ontario; has
appeared before The Ontario Divisional Court; has appeared before The Court of Appeal for Ontario;
and has submitted legal briefs to The Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa on his own behalf. All of this
was done before Mr. Christopher Tinkasimire became a Licensed Para-legal in Ontario.

The rest, as they say, is history. Thank you very much.
Yours truly,

Christopher Tinkasimire
Licenced Paralegal